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    A new unusual game. In which you appear in a confined space surrounded by an enemy. You have to collect resources and build factories that create combat drones. It is necessary to build two factories and send as many drones as possible to destroy the enemy and collect the resources that fall out when they are destroyed.

    With each location, the number of opponents and their attack power will increase. You need to use passwords to open more complex and larger locations, improve your troops and open a talent tree. In the talent tree, you can add characteristics to troops, an absorbing shield, increase the rate of fire and some skills that will help destroy enemy equipment faster.

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    Using passwords, you can open an additional mod where you play against a real opponent. The winner is the one who has the whole base left. You have to collect resources as quickly as possible, build the right factories to resist the influx of enemy troops. Use your talents wisely, because the outcome of the battle also depends on them. After winning the battle, you get a chest with gold, crystals for which you can purchase a lot of premium equipment.

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