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    gold coins - 9qaklGzDZ
    speed up - xLXRvQUW8
    arena mode - SIQAcQJRo
    multiplayer mode - nCyQrSg19
    gems - pV82SwMMw
    new parts - NLjjoJnCp
    upgrade - i5Tb3vdRB
    unlock all buildings - 1UFMgd0S2
    daily gift - BhJDZTz8W

    A new game where you will play a lego man. You have to win the competition, which consists of several parts. During the race, you need to collect lego pieces and after crossing the finish line, you can spend the details on various buildings that increase your characteristics. For getting a new level or when opening an achievement, you get a set of legos, which may contain different parts.

    The parts can be equipped for your character or replace some parts of the body. This is done in order to further increase the characteristics of the character. The main character has all 5 characteristics: flying, strength, climbing, swimming, speed. Each improvement will allow you to win the competition, so do not forget to use passwords for easier passage of the game. New items can also be obtained by visiting the wheel of fortune.

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    Why do I need to collect parts? To equip your city. Sometimes there are locals in the city who give you crystals and blocks to build for free. Visit them as often as possible to complete the game faster. Use weapons to destroy blocks that interfere with your movement. The better the weapon, the faster you break the blocks.

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