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    action points - X6dbiwqdN
    daily gift - aM6YHwNse

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    eq - Dt6Rw10bv
    imag - QAlstigsV
    mem - OKa0K9CFu
    con - 8Xt8dyFTx
    charm - LWHVzNOlR
    face - zM4ISTfdw

    You're so cute walking around. Let me take a picture so i can share it online. A new life is always full of surprises. You can select skills you've already learned in the schedule.
    You've learned all the skills available for now. Head to the shop, or wait for the next turn. You need to learn as many skills as possible. Focusing on learning skills is the key to success. Remember to learn skills regularly. Gain knowledge by absorbing fragments so that you can make something of yourself.

    Playing this game, you realize how much you missed a lot of time and how many opportunities there really are. And so, the game is actually about collecting points that give you stats, and pumping yourself with different possibilities. At the end of the game, you need to pass the Chinese Unified State Exam and if everything is good, you had to find a couple in the learning process, and later in the end with a chance to get married in the cutscene. After that, you can start playing for a new generation of yourself, already with small bonuses. P.S. Even in the game you disappoint your parents by making memes on the Internet.

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    This is a fascinating life simulator in which you will explore the relationship between children and parents. You have to get used to the role of an ordinary child and go through the hardships of life from the first day to the end of school days. Study hard, have fun, make friends and pass the Gaokao — one of the most important exams in your life. And perhaps this experience can also give you a special perspective to explore your relationship as a parent and child.

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