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    gold coins - Fz3J8FsYH
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    upgrade - CfT4URPF7
    level up - IdmcyMI8p
    decorations - LX63lAhkp
    daily gift - wfXjzVT7A
    ultra cooker - Q1XuaLNBt
    gems - RMx8peBZ1
    cash - NEoGKPO7G

    My brother just called. He had shocking news. My parents' coffee shop is about to be shut down. I need to go back home and help them. My hometown used to be a popular place. There was lots of good food and everyone was happy. Philips and i grew up in the coffee shop. it was the site of all of our most cherished memories. Now, it's time to return. People always think that compared with the bustling big cities, this town is dull and monotonus, but view is good. It's been so long since i last felt the ocean breeze and heard the sea gulls. I'm starting to recall my time with my parents and my brother.

    Oh, no? How did the gate become like this? Quest - let's check our tasks here. Tap start to start to choose a door. Let's replace this gate to start my new life. I wonder how much it's changed? Use cake to keep your customers happy. Now, let's learn how to make a crispy and fluffy waffle. Tap on the bowl to put the batter in the waffle machine. Tap on the cup, add the chocolate sause the customer wants. Don't let them waiting to long! Tap to hand the waffle to the customer. The other customer wants a coffe, tap to serve it.

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    Earn coins to complete this level. Tap to check new quests. The stars you get from passing levels can complete the tasks. Come to decorate your coffee shop. Use instant cook pass to cook all dishes instantly. The waffle is burnt. Tap twice to toss it. The prepared food can also be thrown away by double tap. Trash some food may help you pass the level, but don't waste food in your life. Win the cooking challenge and get more stars. Stop waiting customers from leaving by handing them a candy! Tips! Seve dishes in a very short time can earn extra coins. The combo bar - showing the current combo count and countdown. Allow more customers to line up at the counters and serve them all at once can score bigger combos. The more combos we make the more coins we get. You have to reach the goal before the timer runs out! Serve as soon as possible.
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