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    coins - NmqyrvTta
    mythical weapons - Mk51MJTuj
    mythical equipment - 43ScpijYw
    enhance - f55tyvSGb
    combine - 5HaNZ8u0c
    sweep ticket - 1EgHtKAmM
    legendary relic - Z9y27P2xu
    additional compensation contract - B9WdyLgL4
    attack support contract - QksOaYukC
    goods support contract - JWcq6yvOw
    contract of luck - noysMMScH
    sealed box key x10 - 2nqQ346AH
    sealed box x10 - 028rGb7JH
    beginner weapon package - bK2lQYem6
    beginner relic package - ySOVRRu9F

    It was a successful life. Win the great war and win the honor. Made a lot of money out of our military business. Discover ancient ruins and even gained fame. Everything was perfect. Until then. A nightmare has come. When i fell asleep, a monster appeared in the dark, and the horrible things ate me every night. I was shattered every night. Nightmare is only incidental. We need to find out what exactly the deal was with the evil. By getting into your nightmare. Now, are you ready?

    You can move the character with the stick on the left. Move characters to the portal. Press the buttons on the right to use ability. You can damage and avoid enemy attacks. You can see the acquired ability. Go back to the portal. Defeat all enemies of the field. We will now enter your demon infested dream and find the key to your lost memory.

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    Unstoppable - unstoppable status for 3 seconds every 30 seconds.
    Attack extra - basic attack dmg increase. Increase the dmg of basic attack by 8% additionally.
    Concentration increase - increase concentration by 13% for 20 seconds every 34 seconds.
    Repair - repair by 18% of maximum defense.
    Forward explosion - create 2 explosions in front and give damage by 110%. Burn damage by 8% of minimum attack power every 1 second for 4 seconds with a 50% chance.

    Increase stats:
    min ATK - xb2oJv8IU
    focus - ZAzd30yfM
    shock - imRf2gCTh
    HP - kwNKyx6an
    reload clip - GAUZ16TWF
    penetration - m3TFSZvFN
    DMG rection - zElPcNeZk
    magical resist - Dv6qdoHhq
    renew ability - iUIQIVT06
    max ATK - PM9mbyvyw
    dex - Q1rjqVbS2
    DP - CcdJwNyZ7
    max clip - siMyP0ZsL
    speed - wGSDA6aQd
    luck - c3y8D33BX
    visibility - Az2snuOVR

    Monthly goods package A - hLt6kc9AO
    lamp x10 - EW4FF3hsK
    sweep ticket x5 - NpE0z8uih
    survival ticket - hR6gYDfu0
    hunt ticket - 0tSRqRpW6
    sealed box DownFall : Hack&Slash cheat code - 4ysqH6R2E
    1000 blood stones - rwdnQQhhS
    sealed box key - HYepLxDkm

    There are currently three mods available in the game: nightmare, fate and excavation. You have to destroy all the monsters on the level to go further. Every tenth level is a battle with a boss, defeating which you get a lot of experience, equipment, gold.
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