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    The Goddess chooses the hero for you. Tap Terran to deploy him. Tap fight to start the battle. Knock back Doplahf's followers. Terran's energy is full. Tap his icon to cast the ultimate skill. Tap Aggy's icon to cast the AOE ultimate skill on the minions. After battle, you and Flora can walk through the ruins together. Flasks, cauldrons, and slime. This appears to have been the stie of a big laboratory - something powerful must have destroyed it. In the distance, the blue form of someone crashes down like a meteor. They slam into into the ground, then swiftly roll over and sit up.

    Vendier (ancient flame guard) - an warrior who uses an ancient sword and excels crit hits. Put warrior Verdier in the front row. The wealthy lord Fafnir must have plenty of origin stones that summon heroes. Let me guess where you keep them. The origin stone is the divine realm's greatest relic of its long history. The chosen ones only care that the origin stones can summon heroes.

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    Rosalies - an fast assassin who can assasinate enemy in diagonal position when battle begins. Defeat Doplahf and obtain Charlotte to make a decent lineup! Assassin Rosalie can assassinate the farthest enemy. She should be deployed in position 5. Kill the enemy archer. That guy seems to be the greatest threat. Clear prologue to unlock the epic hero Charlotte. Strengthen your heroes to fight chaos more easily. Level up the heroes to increase their battle power. Charlotte - a support who buffs the ally with the highest attack speed and provides bonus damage.
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