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    Because of the curse of Bacchus, the four heroes fell into a deep slumber, after been trapped into one body. Many centuries later, on a certain day they woke up into an unknown world at your call. Now, it is your mission to lead them, by destroying every hellish demon that crosses their path, to help them take revenge on Bacchus' Specter.

    Please follow the guide quest. Tap on the guide quest button. Defeat the monsters. Tap here to receive your rewards. Try using the two skills you own. Tap on the guide quest button to get your reward. As the 4 heroes were sealed inside one body, you can use any of them freely. Try to press on the left hero button.

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    The dark knight hero, is a brave fighter who wields a long sword to slain his enemies. Being a master archer for many years, the demon hunter, rarely misses her target. With his fast and agile moves, the Assassin skillfully kills his prey without a sound. Battle expert, Warhammer wields his heavy weapon with great and imposing power. Except during boss battles, you can call each of these hero at any time.

    Let your hero automatically use their skills. The demons are trembling in fear. It looks like you are ready to use even stronger skills. Follow the arrow to summon skills to equip them. When the act guage is full, you can summon the boss. Remember that you must defeat the boss within the time limit. Heroes and weapons cannot be changed during boss fights. There exist 4 types of attributes which are reacting to each other: fire, ice, nature, and earth. Make sure to check each act or dungeon attribute to create the most strategic gameplay.

    Awakening, abilities, cheat, code Bacchus High Tension:
    all heroes start with the iron rank. Rank costumes will be available after awakening and can be bought with Bacchus drinks. When you equip a costume, you have a chance to get one random ability. The first random ability you will unlock will be of the same attribute of that hero. After that, the attribute of each ability will be determined randomly.

    Enhance the attribute set effect:
    you can use set points to increase the ATK of the attributes. Each enhancement increases the exp of one of the four attributes by 1/20 randomly. When the attribute levels up, the ATK of that attribute increases by 5%. You can get all the set points back by pressing on the reset button.
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