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    materials - p4K86V9js
    buildings - NGbLnR3ML
    energy - Buu04AfAx
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    Who left those hairbows here? Drag and merge then see what happens next. How to play? Unlock new characters, areas, and other features by merging 3 or more items of the same.

    Hey, good to see you here, i'm Alice, you must have hear the story about me. Wait, where am i? Wonderland? It seems a little bit different here, filled with strange fog. Let me see...Candy trees? I still remember the taste of candy in Wonderland, so amazing...Sorry! Let's focus. I'll search around, can you plant a candy tree for me? Drag one over the other two to merge.

    Let's collect some candies and make some food! Magic food is always needed when we explore the fog. The fog has cleared! Let's see what's hidden in the fog. Tweedledum and Twedledee?! Maybe they know what happened here. Let's help them cut trees and collect some wood to build a home. You need to complete tasks for which you get experience, gold, and cookies. By clicking on the cookie, you get essence and gold. For the essence, you can unlock a section of the map.

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    Get a free chest from the market. Visit the market to get more buildings, materials and items. You have to connect the same elements in chains, thus clearing the playing field, creating new elements and clearing continents from various dangers. Once the game world was friendly and fabulous, but then everything changed. It has always been warm and cozy here. The heat helped the plants to develop and provide the locals with food. Suddenly, terrible frosts descended here, which destroyed everything that gave the locals food and comfort. There is one method that can help restore everything and return peace, comfort and warmth to these lands. Combine the same elements, build chains, pass levels, make incredible discoveries.

    Unlock characters:
    White queen - 14rT9ErDu
    Cheshire cat - MtnDX6row
    Mad hat - XRiuzIlaA
    Dormouse - m8nHERjyD

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