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    We see that there are a lot of negative comments about the game and we decided with some of them. Maybe these passwords will be useful to you.

    1) There are not enough hints how and from what what turns out. For example, I need a mirror, but it's not clear what to get it from, there are no hints, what to do next?
    Free hint - ZfPAp58le
    2) The game is really very cool, it's interesting to combine objects and get new ones. But, unfortunately, after the first room, you have to wait sooo long. As a result, it is interesting at first, then it gets boring to wait. And I'm not against donations in games, but here diamonds that speed up the download speed are expensive, given that they need a super lot.

    download speed up - B4FTmyLdx

    3) I put it perfectly, because it's really cool and I liked everything until recently. I've been trying to get a sledgehammer for 3-4 days. This is the only task at the moment, I can't do anything.

    hammer - 8phoJs5DP

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    The game is cool, very addictive and does not bother. BUT! Dear developers, now I'm at the vintage kitchen level and, there you need to assemble two vases and two mugs that are made of bricks, then you destroy the tiles and collect bags of cement. And it's just terribly infuriating when two grains of this marble fall out of such a long cycle, I've been sitting at this level for two weeks and I need two more vases. Please make sure that more items fall out of this bag of cement, and then I want to turn off the game because I'm tired of collecting these cups.

    more loot - LAtkMIQj7

    Before the update of the game, it was always possible to spend 5-10 diamonds, now starting from five and above, do as before so that you can play normally, and not score on the game. Where the restoration of energy by diamonds and advertising.

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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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