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    An unimaginable amount of advertising. Even when it would seem that it should not be, because you have blocked access to the Internet, it continues to loom and interfere with your pastime. Of course, developers also want to eat and live on something. But don't you think this is too much? Advertising before the start of the game, advertising in order to move on to the next round, an advertising banner that is generally located at the bottom of the screen throughout the game (and I didn't mention this when you can get any bonuses for watching ads, according to the type of extra life). In general, the overall impression against the background of this whole picture leaves much to be desired.

    What is the point of levels without "dangerous" zones, those in which you just fly in a straight line? This level is every three normal ones, these useless levels are terribly annoying. It was more interesting to score points for the record, and now every time the level is reset and the meaning of some points has disappeared altogether

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    The game is really interesting, BUT
    1. The advertisement covers the middle of the screen when the round has already started.
    2. Because of the first point, the game starts to slow down terribly
    3. The game can slow down at the very beginning, and sometimes it can in the middle, which completely knocks you down and annoys you. I am more than sure that it is because of the volume of advertising.
    4. Every two rounds, which you barely brought to the end because of lags in the game, because some editor brazenly feeds it during the round, advertising begins, which loads surprisingly quickly and does not lag)))
    I understand that developers need money from advertising, but you can still find some kind of compromise with the players. Do you expect that the game will remain in a person's phone for a long time with this attitude?
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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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