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    summon x10 - 9Qzh8yR4L
    monthly card - pNhAXwniI
    mini card - VTj0olqqM
    rating fund - x7mBjiZWE
    super treasures - mUYjr1nIR
    golden key - eGTpGiyJW
    soul - f3wEW3u2q
    honor - rNMuznsem
    5 star hero - j0WrvyobS

    You know the story: the kingdom was at peace. Until...The undead horde has returned. The king's knight discovered, to their horror...The seal was weakening! The entire horde would soon be free. To stop the undead horde, King Arthur summoned...Welcome, summoner! The world is badly in need of your help. Now we need to gather our partners to fight together. The hero summoning - you can summon heroes here. There will be a chance to summon for free every day, try your luck.

    Meet a large group of enemies in front, send the hero to fight. Place heroes in your lineup. heroes will get energy each time they launch attack or get attacked, their ultimate will be cast when the energy bar is full. You were lucky enough to get some hero shards, let's see what they can be used for. We got some hero shards here, let's try to summon a hero. Once you have collected enough shards you will be able to summon a new hero. Tap on the hero's avatar.

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    We can go to the altar and dismantle the unnecessary low star heroes. Choose extra heroes to disenchant. There is a treasure chest guarding your idle rewards. The max offline idling is 24 hours. Different VIP levels have bonuses for on hook earnings. using the rewards we just received, we can upgrade the hero. Click on hero avatar, let's see what she got. Let's level up first and see how much the hero's combat power increases. Great, our team gets stronger than ever. keep moving, more monsters are coming. Don't forget to place your new hero - Bandit.

    Bandit is a warrior he fights better in combat compare to witch. Click to see the halo effect of the hero faction. There are a lot of in-game benefits here, dear summoner can check it out at any time. The market has been opened, rare treasures, everything. Quickly use the golden key you just obtained to summon and try your luck. After receiving 30 times, the content will be refreshed and the collection will be restarted, but it will not be refreshed when the collection is not completed. Remember, completing each chapter mission can be rich in rewards.
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