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    On the island of Minos, under the tree of Life symbolizing vitality, harmony and world order, many intelligent animals were born. They enjoyed happy and peaceful lives. Until, the ancient and vicious dragon awoke. Aiming to control the world, the dragon summoned his adherents, the fallen legions. They launched a violent attack on the tree of life and the animals. Just in the Nick of time. The tree of life incarnated herself in a holy spirit and came forward. SHe launched a thrilling desperate struggle with the Dragon. The tree of life was severely destroyed as the dragon defeated. The holy spirit converted the remains of the tree into a seed. As the fallen legion approached again, the wounded Holy spirit fled to the forest.

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    Battle: drag a unit to swap position of the unit and any other unit, and match 3 or more same units to merge them into a stronger one. The same units on the vertical line can also be merged. An additional unit will be summoned to the battlefield if more than 3 units are merged. Drag a unit to swap positions of the unit and any other unit, and match more than 3 same units to summon an additional unit to the battlefield. Green quality units will be summoned to the battlefield if Green quality units are merged.

    THe higher the quality, the higher the power. Match blue quality units to merge into purple quality ones. Drag an unit to the battlefield directly. Drag the purple quality unit to the battlefield. Tap the hero avatar to use the hero skill. Moves are limited for each stage. Match & merge the units to form your strongest team in the remaining 3 moves.

    Inlay the life core into the tree of life to restore some of my power. Tree of life is now reborn. We need to collect more life cores to restore the power of the tree and defeat the dragon. We need more allies to defend territory. We need more gold to upgrade heroes. Use hack Animal Lords cheat code or build goldmine to produce more gold. Gold is the necessary resource fir hero upgrade. Please collect resources in time. Hero power is the key to victory. Upgrading heroes for upcoming harsh fight. Enhance the hero to increase Parpari's attributes and unlock new skills.

    Take care of your warehouse. Resources that exceed the protection capacity may be plundered.

    Tropps in your city will consume food continuously. You can check them at Parade ground.

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