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    Is level 3802 even possible to pass? 10 moves, corals, pearls in ice, and even the moves don't fall out like that, even with boosters I didn't pass!

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    Not only is there a lot of advertising, the game is also difficult to build.
    I saved up all sorts of buns: lightning explosions and boosters in promotions for passing. But I got stuck at level 82 and after the first loss, all boosters were reset, and I need to remove 30+ things in 13 moves. For 16 attempts, it did not work out and 2/3 was removed.

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    Dear developers, it often happens very recently that the level is passed, but the game freezes and does not allow you to go to the next level, and lightning is constantly spinning in the lower left corner, if you just exit the game, then the level will be the same, not the next one! do you want to do something with this?to stay longer at the same level, correct the mistake already!

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    At first, the game was exciting, and the further, the more difficult, complex and super-complex levels through one, which it is not possible to pass without additional bonuses that you buy for money. The number of moves at each level has been reduced (compared to videos on the Internet over the past years), the number of prizes is getting scantier. You often spend several days on level 1. The game should be fun, not a source of earning money. Developers, stop being greedy and tightening the screws! Don't spoil a good idea! It is better not to buy paid bonuses in the game:get ready for the fact that they can easily write off a double fee, the money is not returned, no matter how much they write to the support service!

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    I've been playing the application for more than a year, I've already gone far, and to be honest, not a little money has been invested in it, but it has already become annoying that the game has been hanging for the last two months. It happens near the end of the level a few steps before who to pass, or when you are already passing, the booster icon starts flashing at the bottom and nothing happens and it is not possible to do on the screen until you close the application, respectively, the level almost passed is lost. And considering that I am no longer at the initial levels, they are very difficult and it is unpleasant to lose a level due to lags. It 's one thing I would complain about just playing the game for free . But in the case that a lot has already been invested, it's a shame. It is surprising that during this time the developers have not solved this problem, is there really not enough money. We corresponded with the team members, none of me has this happening

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