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    The game is wonderful! Everything is fine, but I would like to fix a few bugs. 1. Strange animation of the backdrop at all locations. To be more precise, when the texture of the backdrop ends, the image is simply teleported back and this distracts me very often. 2. If you look closely, you can notice the appearance of moving objects (For example logs). This also applies to the road at low graphics settings, for example at Hank's location. 3. I would like to have smoother character animations.

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    Great runner. It can be seen that the idea is completely taken from SUBWAY SURFERS, but with some additions of its own. For example: boss battle, skatepark, multiple locations, etc. The only disadvantage for me is that I built all the locations in about three weeks, and in fact, there is nothing to do except just run around the locations. Sometimes there are trials where you can earn two heroes guaranteed. But they motivate me to play to replenish the collection of heroes.

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    The game used to be better, but it was more interesting to play. And now it's not bad either, but there are disadvantages 1) after 100,000 points, the character starts to glitch.2) it got boring, you just start running and all the locations are interesting, but it's a little difficult for me to get diamonds and I just have to run and everything in the hope of finding something interesting. 3) why can't you add a crystal store, or you have to buy dynamite and open this safe and there are from 80-160 diamonds.

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    There is a minus in the fact that crystals should be received exactly when you open the safe, but it takes one day, and the fact that sometimes crystals are not given out : (dear developers, please do so that crystals can also be collected like gold, but at least 2 or 1 crystal.

    crystals are scattered on the map - QzaNvkaQz

    A fun game, you can play indefinitely. If it wasn't for advertising, I would have put 5.Recently, such advertising that if you try to get out without watching, you automatically click on the link. If you watched the ad, you still click on the link. It's a nightmare.

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    This game is so interesting. You can visit different and very cool worlds and collect gold and enjoy the beauty. It's great that you are adding new updates that you can collect and receive rewards. Only now I would like to get even more characters because I have already reached Farmer ginger.-this is probably the last card, but I still keep running and getting rewards from the update.

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