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    Hi everybody. Now I will tell you the pros and cons of this game. First the pros: 1 a lot of heroes. 2 lots of armor for heroes. 3 cool animation when saving the hero. 4 you can run and collect coins and improve the location. And now minus, it's only 1 here. There is a lot of advertising, but it can be removed by using a password -

    The game is normal, but there are disadvantages 1. When the log goes, the "you give up: yes/ no" tag crashes? 2. When you kick a raccoon, sometimes it falls on the screen and interferes with the game, because it interferes with the review. 3. Sometimes after advertising, when you fall and want to start over, then you have a white screen, you have to re-enter the game.

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    This is an endless runner in the Talking Tom universe, where Tom and his team of superheroes with superpowers, consisting of Hank, Ginger, Ben and Angela, fight villains. Raincoats are included! Across five different worlds, players run, jump and fly, collect treasures and rescue Tom's friends from the clutches of treacherous raccoon scoundrels.

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    Tom is the leader of a group of heroes. He is always ready to help everyone out, and faith in friends gives him strength and superpowers. Hank is lucky — when he's around, everything goes as it should. But this is not his only advantage, because Hank also carries a backpack, in which there is always a useful thing at this second. Ginger is a novice hero. In his arsenal is a flying board, with which the character always gets to the right place on time. Ben is super smart, which helps his team. He also has a magnetic glove. Finally, Angela is the heart of the team of heroes. Her superpower is speed. Angela uses it to help people in need and her friends in the fight against villains.

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