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    IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO LOAD. Moreover, it is not just loaded, but loaded before changing the hero or the one who accompanies (for example, a unicorn to the cloud) and when you go out, and even before each run.

    Remove the delay/long loading - Y9ggoOeu1

    The game is similar to "Cookie Run:Ovenbreak" because of the gameplay, but I don't consider it as plagiarism, because both games have different characters. The style of the characters and the goal itself (In Cookie Run there is no goal there, but there is a "story mod"). I just wanted to be able to change the controls in the settings (swap the "jump" and "slide" buttons) because I got used to the "jump" button on the left and the "slide" button on the right.

    Added gameplay setting in the menu - Ata7QwCFC

    It's very easy to play, you need to click on the arrows! There may be a hero in the chest. And in new stores too! Even if you have 2 heroes, one crashed, then the other 1 hero replaced!

    Add 3 replacement heroes. Enter the password - ClxRnxqGQ

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    I like Angela and Hank the most. But why are there few heroes there? Please add Becca and some new heroes. I love new characters! Especially Becca. And also add Becca and new characters to other games. In that for gold, in That heroes, in That aquabike and please make new games with my talking Tom and his friends. And to have Becca and new heroes there in all the games.

    Add new heroes - KA82hilyO
    Exclusive look - Gphk5I7LF
    New missions - IcM1G15CK

    We made advanced settings: sound, music volume, "control change", you can rearrange the jump and slide buttons in places - lbaUMFk1t

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