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    So...You want to learn the ways of the gladiator? Well, hop on over here and let's see what you're made of. Now, first of all let me tell you about stances. The low stance protects your lower body. And the high stance protects your upper body. Pretty obvious, right? Switch into the high stance so that we can continue. Tap on the right side of the screen to switch stance. Each stance has its strengths and weaknesses. They also let you perform different attacks to keep your enemies on their toes.

    Remember to switch stance to spice things up. I've summoned you here to help me run this place. Take these coins to help you get started. Trainer - gives wine during fights and starting skill points. Surgeon - helas and revives characters after fights. Priest - allows for renaming and customizing characters. Spy - can attempt sabotage and other subterfuge. I'll have your gladiator's back in the arena. Provided you have the coin to pay for the wine.

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    Swordsmen are excellent defenders. High endurance, heavily armored and later swords have long reach. Axement are strong but lightly armored. Their weapons deal heavy damage but are shorter in reach. After each victory you can choose an upgrade. Upgrading health and attributes is free, but all equipment cost coins.

    Most importantly it determines your character's level which in turn is responsible for deciding which arena your gladiator fights in. Your level also influences the amount of health that is recovered at the ened of each fight. The formula is level 5 as seen in the fight summary's health tab.

    Enemy gladiators do not scale according to fame or arenas but instead scale according to the amount of battles fought. With the charisma skill you speed up your fame growth. Go to the skills page on this screen for more information. Furthermore, the age of your character is displayed at the bottom of the page ( 16 + amount of fights/2). older gladiators are harder for the surgeon to revive.

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