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    Join a clan and participate in rated clan wars. Use the joystick on the left side of the screen to go forward. use jump button to overcome obstacles. To climb the stairs walk into the stairs and hold the jump button. Kill all enemies. Point the sight at the target, shooting will begin automatically. This can be disabled in the game settings. Use the sight button to shoot at long range. Come into the game every day and get presents. Buy VIP status and get exclusive rewards.

    Daily gift pass - keV26nfej
    vip status - adabGDksS
    keys - Z2Bkjq7u3
    bucks - rIqI36DjB
    free kit - V18yUs5ey
    rare kit - ZPSlajcQv
    boxes - oKajh2l8A
    rubies - a6ilRJHHh
    off ads - udxxJuIYM
    5000 rubies - aPvNtc6zQ
    Unboxing Normal Crate - U6XyFO7AN
    legendary rank - nn1Eq04Oa

    The application is excellent, the optimization of the norms is at least not perfect. Problems: there is a lot of advertising, but less than in some games. Updates (a sore topic in games) are released very rarely and almost nothing is updated. Pros: online; a lot of weapons; a lot of characters (each has its own ability); many modes, a rank system; if you have a powerful device, then tricks on the VFA are not needed. the shadow passes through the walls. And most importantly, I forgot after you kill the bot 3 times, it cuts down passwords.

    OWWSmStR4 - The game turned out to be very good! I especially liked the variety of skins and weapons, interesting modes!
    This password opens the survival mode for 6 players.
    FSmzSZqfm - Added capture the flag mode.
    AuUugN4cW - 3 keys are given for 1 place.

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    You can pick up weapons from dead players. Add a button like: give someone from my stuff that I don't need, and I don't need things like: keys, bucks, supplies, skins for characters and guns, rubies, cases, etc. Please add cars, a new map for the royal battle. More girl characters. Remove the invisible walls. Please add a button that we could sell our stuff as bids

    AK-47 gold - 071lnauBQ
    Negev - 9VWVcQ0NR
    Tec-9 - w8EZljK6X
    L96A1 - yVebQNXKW
    Scorpion Halloween - nCcyl9k2O
    Karambit Lor - XogutPMle
    MK47 Graphics - kiLpBI4Po
    SCAR-20 Shock - p8YxefQEt
    D-Eagle Scull - uRsztlNF7
    Groza Aurora - VjKVsMbbB
    AK-74 Chameleon - TKhJr8vxs
    Nova eSport - 2qK2GASis
    Famas Paints - qxgCbS8BK
    AK-47 Acuma - Da7nNrH6w
    P90 Anime - NigNry4g3
    AUG Toxic - s4kfH5Pwj
    M3A1 Fallen - S9RFfk6Me
    M4A1 Predator - 0X9bvcdNi
    unlock all legendary weapon - Kykia6fe6

    The graphics are cool, but there is one minus, please add pets there (cat or dog, etc.). Please add any cars to the "royal battle". And add an Epic Set to the game. The game is generally cool, I started playing 3 days ago, and already 3 gold. You can play with friends.

    Hello kubuma developers, I would like a Pecheneg machine gun for myself. But the problem is that I have very few keys. Make all kubuma players a promo code for pecheneg so that everyone can play with it and add it to the news. And I would like to recommend you an idea about a new mode. It's called escape. It consists in the fact that my allies and I are driving a car and shooting at zombies, and they are running after us.

    infinity - FHaDdq8IY
    NBSH - 10BLPSfDH
    Dragon - vgF764KrJ
    Infect - NbiTn0R4F
    Alfa - jVBiB6M54

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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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