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    In a word, an autogame. I don't understand the point in this, because it kills the game process, and you won't know where the quest goal is until you turn on automatic walking and combat. The player is only required to periodically tap on the screen in dialogs - that's all. Yes, the world and music are very colorful, you immediately get into the universe of studio Ghibli. But I want to run on tasks myself, and if you turn off the auto run, then it's difficult to find a task, since the shiny track disappears. What is its meaning if it appears only during a car race? It is also frustrating to have a billion different menus, and there are many different sections in them, it is difficult to navigate. Excellent detailing of characters, monsters and equipment.

    Bonuses were given for registration, as well as other promo codes in the discord. In general, I'm a bit of Black Desert, since I mostly played it from MMO. The plot is also cool, interesting, the characters are also, well, I remember "Sword Art Online" with immersion in the game and problems with the exit, or else "The World in a super sandbox"

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    I would like a limitless world, climbing rocks, rocks. And then you go, you want to go into the water, and there is no further path. The game is very cute, there are animals on the location, which you can even carry on handles. Hedgehog, goose, cats, very cute, I've already taken a lot of photos with them. Maybe there is such a function, but I would like to invite a person and study everything with him, paired poses, actions, etc. I like the graphics, skills, hero classes, the system of buffs from summoned creatures. But there is a small minus when you play and skip the dialogues, a bug may occur and you have to go out and back into the game again.

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    It has a native and already very close style of the famous Studio Ghibli. A pleasant plot and many different possibilities. I played Ni no Kuni on PC (offline version) and I am incredibly glad to see the references and the ideological continuation of what was there. The kingdom we built, the same races and even monsters. Great nostalgia.

    1) make a "fixed gamepad" in the settings menu so that the motion gamepad does not walk with a finger 2) make an auto-attachment to the target 3) remove the autoplay from the game. I went into the game to play, and as a result, the game plays itself 4) increase the control buttons, (attack, skills, etc.) it's just not convenient, I want to attack, and as a result, the skill is squeezed out when it's not needed at all.

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