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    In this sea of clouds called paradise the are some pilots. Explore known or unknown flying islands. These people are called. Skywalker. Mu grandfather is one of the greatest Skywalker. He explored countless floating island airspace and found hundreds of species. After he retured due to the disease, he raised me by himself. Before going to bed, he often told me intersting adventure stories. After he passed away, he left me his most precious treasure - his notebook. When i thought that adventure stories had turned into memories. A strange girl... no, a wonderful girl appeared. She helped me remember my grandfather's stories, imagine myself becoming a Skywalker. So, me and my best friend Wendy and the magical girl Lisa, and also Monks, a genius but bad mounthed mechanic. After fixing Grandpa's Ark, we begin our journey. From this moment, i also become skywalker. I must become, no, i must surpass my grandfather, become the greatest Skywalker. Traveling in this vast Paradise land. Now, i started documenting my journey. Hope to be able to follow in his footsteps one day and tell stories to my children. This will be my adventure and journey.

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    There will be a lot of monsters in this stage. Each round can be battled up to 30 turns. When all of our team members finish their actions, it will automatically end or press the end turn button to end the current turn. This is the enemy's monster, they will act on the enemy's turn. Left side - these are our partners in battle instruct them to fight each turn. HP is the total HP of Captain and partners. AP is a required when casting skills, at the beginning of each turn, AP will automatically recover. The button above, below the avatar is skill 1,2, respectively, the number above the button is the AP point consumed when casting skills, press the button to activate.

    Using skill to increase combo. Higher combo means higher DMG. The higher AP cost, the better skill effect. At the start of each turn, Partners have a chance to get boast status. The effect in boost state will be stronger. Strong skills should be activated when the number of combos is high.

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