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    sword storm android, ios hack

    In a time before the development of spells and magic when battles were settled with swords... there appeared the shadowy tribe of dark Sauron who were unaffected by the power of swords.
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    Dark Sauron and the various demons taking orders from him plunderedand burnt villages to the ground as they pleased and increased their power. Many fought against them but they were not strong enough. After years of research, a mystical sword storm was created which was able to damage Dark Sauron. An alliance of heroes and opposition forces gathered from various lands and they opposed the hordes of Dark Sauron with this mystical sword storm.

    After battling intensively for 10 years, they managed to suppress the hordes of Dark Saurons. They stabbed the dark lord in the heart and imprisoned him for eternity. With the lasting peace which followed this in game sword storm, people's memories of Dark Sauron gradually grew fainter. But 100 years... the dark lord Sauron, who was thought to be imprisoned forever, had been using a regeneration spell for 100 years to create a new heart and revive himself in sword storm. And the forces of darkness which had been scattered across the lands began to reunite and even more powerful demons poured into the world.

    People once again created the mystical sword storm and opposed them, but Dark Sauron had already built up a resistance to the power of the mystical sword storm. The greates warriors were chosen to form an expedition in order to search for materials for a new sword which would be able to defeat the newly awakened Dark Sauron.

    You can explore dungeons and obtain the materials sword storm required for making items.

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