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    To be honest, it is difficult to give an objective assessment of the mobile version of this game. I've tried all kinds of connections, including mobile data. I wrote Konami and tried out the tips. Nothing helped, if you play solo mode, then everything is super, rooms and rating duels are constant problems with disconnection, you are given defeat due to loss of connection. I tried to continue playing against my other phone... The same thing, there is an option that the game loses connection due to the out-of-sync between the players. I am waiting for updates and improvements. As for the number of cards, the developers did not deceive them here, there are really a lot of them, which can not but please. You can build your own unique deck, but you should rely on any type, otherwise you will not get a very playable deck.

    After duel links, both from 5th grade mathematics to higher at uni. Very complex, with a high entry threshold, i.e. the game clearly hints that it is not happy for beginners, even training will not help, if you play duel links, then you can try. What was once a simple collectible card game in which you summoned one monster and set a couple of traps now regularly includes ten-minute moves during which you summon as many monsters, setting up indestructible negation boards only to watch your opponent break them anyway. It's difficult, but it hasn't lost the main appeal of any card game: agony and ecstasy at the intersection of skill and luck.

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    For new or former players, the Solo Master Duel mode is an effective, if somewhat non-intrusive tutorial on game mechanics, not afraid to let you lose, unfolding function by function along a path that largely reflects the development of the game over the past 20 years. . For current players, it offers simple but fun map knowledge and a place to practice some of your new builds without risking your ranking in the rankings. In any case, expect to spend about 4-5 hours learning the basics and another 2-3 for additional tests and repetitions with non-standard decks. Not inconsequential, but if you're only looking for a single-player game, it might not quench the itch.

    For PvP duels, there are random rooms and a shaded event mode that will appear later, but the essence of the game is a competitive ladder. Unlike the traditional "best of three" format, which includes a personal and remote tournament game, Master Duels is decided by a single match. This is good because it simplifies the game by eliminating side decks (changing your main deck between matches), but it means that you can be blinded by one-move decks, troll decks, or bad luck. Thus, most of the deck building now tends to score game technological cards, which are difficult to react to unless you specifically build your deck around them.

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    Refined blade selection pack - Swordsoul archetype that allows you to Synchro Summon by using Tuner tokens, as well as new slew of fusion monsters that support Destiny hero and Despia. Decks are entering the fray!

    Fusion potential selection pack - this pack includes archetypes that revolve around Fusion summoning, such as Predaplant and ritual beast! Recommended for duelists who want to build a deck filled with fusing monsters.

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