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    The most favorite game, do not mind the money. The dialogues are different from the playstation ones, it's unusual☹️ they sound different in my head, different voices and phrases. I don't know if there will be an inverted lock here, but I will hope. The control is not very convenient, sometimes the buttons jam, or rather they are not pressed, perhaps because of the phone itself. Definitely, the version on the phone is easier than on the ps thanks to the saves in each room. I would like only additional customization options - for example, to customize the joystick for yourself, to decrease or increase the skill and attack buttons themselves, and it is also worth navigating the menu and the local store through the joystick, otherwise it is not very convenient to scroll through a long list of items.

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    I got one ending in a couple of days, where I failed Belmont. I've been playing the game on PSP for a long time, I don't remember anything, I enjoy it like the first time :-) Control, not as convenient as on the console, but quite playable. By the way, if your big clock is stuck at three minutes to eight, the left statue does not tick and does not open with an interval of a minute - go to the nearest savile, save and start the game through "load", and not through "continue". This is a bug. In the room with the clock, the left statue does not move away (it should move once a minute). To solve it, you need to save in the nearest place, and then exit the game and continue the game through creat / load.

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    No RPG is complete without magic and Symphony of the Night is no exception. Do you see the blue stripe in the screenshots? This is the MP scale, each spell will naturally decrease it. MP recover by themselves over time, but slowly. If you really need to use magic, and people sing romances, then Manna Prism is at your service. By the way, hearts can be instantly restored by Heart Refresh. Now about the magic itself. It is performed by sequentially pressing a combination of keys. You can either calculate them yourself by trial and error, or buy a hint from a Librarian in the store. Especially useful is the magic that restores HP: Dark Metamorphosis - heals when enemies' blood hits the Alucard and Soul Steal is an arch useful spell, but it is also done cunningly - numerous training sessions will be required. Some magical techniques (Wolf Charge, Wing Smash and Sword Brothers) can be performed only if a certain Relic is enabled. But spells aren't the only thing that takes away MP. Special weapons techniques are also powered by the blue scale. The same goes for the so-called Shield Magic, which can be invoked using the Shield Rod or Mablung Sword staff. Each of the shields has its own unique magic - a clear reason to experiment. By the way, the shields here are not only for protection, some of them can also attack (try to take Medusa Shield for the sake of interest).

    Equipment. She plays a very important role in the game. At your service, both hands of Alucard. How to use the extra hand is up to you. You can equip a second one-handed weapon, a shield, a throwing weapon, a medicinal drug or food there. Alucard likes to eat on the floor, so you will have to throw food there as soon as you need to restore HP. The game is full of two-handed weapons, including extravagant ones like Nunchaku or Katana. It should be noted that Alucard can fight without weapons at all, i.e. with fists and feet in a jump. As for clothing, it is worn on the head and torso, plus there are separate slots for a raincoat and accessories. So what is this important role? In addition to strengthening the character, without some equipment, you simply will not be able to advance further in the game. Therefore, you should always carefully read the description of freshly found items. It's just a pity, the clothes are not displayed on the character in any way. The only exceptions are raincoats, one of which, you can set the color yourself.

    Items, weapons and clothing can not only be found, but also knocked out of enemies. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the LCK parameter (abbreviated from Luck - luck), the higher it is, the more successful this process will be. There is an opportunity to replenish the arsenal in the Librarian's store. Just keep in mind that it will not be possible to sell unnecessary junk back, the old man accepts only precious stones. He also has an Enemy List (a list of enemies, indicating their weaknesses and which of them you have already knocked out). In addition, the Librarian sells boss battle tactics. Bosses, however, there are only those you met earlier. It was met, i.e. it is not necessary to kill them. It is enough to reach the boss, use the Library card teleportation card and you can enjoy the spectacle. Money is earned not only by selling precious stones, they are also knocked out of enemies and candelabra. Moreover, in some places of the castle, there are especially generous candles, so if you wish, it is not a problem to dial the right amount.

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