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    level up - PKhbxKSTu
    upgrade - sv3NMlCy3
    evolution - GyQ72X9LU
    legendary partner - MxfzBbcRy
    prestige - J0AjsCuUg
    victory chest - fG1LL0gMg
    strike chest - 2RSXksZFX
    instant open - er8DgSeGS
    legendary card - nx8GvRS5B

    Alert! Thugs from Aen Draigou have attacked our camp in Lesomali! Which commander will lead the defense? Zap - in the name of rebellion! Win or die! More attack, less defense. Minerva - for mercenaries, the main thing is to survive. Less attack, more defense. Valcana - army is good at everything. Average attack and defense. Place the unit on the battlefield to attack the enemy commander. The best shooter in your squad is ready for battle. Commander, use your special skill and hit all enemies with one hit. The enemy is almost defeat! Let' put him to fight.

    Welcome to the base! I'm your assistant. DO you hear that noise? THe commanders are clarifying their minds in the arena to decide who will lead the army. Fight other players in the arena to increase your rating, unlock new units and get more trophies. You have enough copies of the cards to level up your unit. With the increase is unit's level, new abilities open up. THe more victories in the arena - the more trophies and the higher your rating level. And the higher the rating level, the better the prizes.

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    Don't forget to open chests with trophies. The squad will not improve itself. Having reached the highest rating of the arena, you can become the commander in chief of our army. THe market- here they sell everything that will help us win the war. And the longer your squad, the closer the victory. Come to the market more often. Squad - all members of your team are here. With these soldiers, you can join the battle even now. Let's put together a team of the best of the best. Now you are ready for any challenge. Campaign - your adventures start here. Gather a squad and go on a combat mission.

    basic - baQj1qA5d
    rare - T7SP9CR4P
    epic chest - PmOkAKZHZ
    legendary - C5d27Csj1
    refill set - cCWWEvvz2
    mobilization set - qkk8b7lVr

    Our first mission is to recapture Lesomali. Click on a dot on the map to learn more about the mission, opponents, and reward. Don't forget to upgrade your units. There are many difficulties ahead, but there is also good news. The locals support us in the fight against Aen Draigau. Supplies from the local government are being accumulated. Keep defeating opponents in the arean to unlock new units and new opportunities.

    Small flasks - xaaDBQJUi
    enlarged flasks - 5OGiMmHOA
    golden flasks - CoVCfvp2d
    standard flasks - 0zSlOfWUA
    universal flasks - eko0vdc2k
    hero flasks - fIJl29sUh
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