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    Hello, I'm Lena. I'm the townskeeper. Every day is busy, but rewarding. Although lately, it's been too busy. I need someone to help me manage the town. Then one day, i received a mail. A friend from childhood is coming back. Welcome back! How've you been? Our town could definitely use your help. You must feel nervous. Don't worry, i'm here! First off, go tap the empty field. Buy cabbage seeds from the shop. Crops, trees, and pensare sold there too. Where should the cabbage seeds be planted? How about that sunny spot over there? Well done! How did you like your first seeding? Tap done below. Off to the next job. Every crop needs to be seeded and watered. Tap the waterdrop icon in the field. All you should do now is wait. Production time varies for each product.

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    Your cabbage has grown! Let's harvest them together. TO harvest, tap them. Harvested products are automatically put in storage. Products in storage are ready for sale. For now, let's return to the field. I almost forgot, harvesting will earn you experience. Earning more XP will help you level up. Crops don't need that much to grow, but your livestock will need to be fed. Try feeding cabbage to your cow. Your cow is now producing milk. It will take some time to finish. Tap on the cow pen for now. Producing milk takes time, but you can speed it up with a seed or using #every-farm pass. They are always useful. Now we have milk! It's our town's speciality. Tap the cow pen and to harvest the milk.

    Let's make Bread this time! Would you like to touch the Bread mill? You can see there is not enough ingredient? It's a wheat, to make bread, you need wheat. A mill crops can only be made when all the ingredients are ready. I knew it was coming, i prepared wheat in advance. Tap the bread mill again. Tapping it will allow it to begin. See? The mill is running! I can't wait for some tasty bread. The smell of freshly baked bread. Tap on the bread icon or on the mill. This will place your bread into storage.

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    Remember when i said that you can sell stored products? Let's go! I'll show you how to sell your bread. Pick a product that you want to sell. Tap on the bread to sell it. You can adjust the amount you want to sell. This is how you make money. Tap the sell button to continue. Congrats on making your first profit. This time, let's talk about Eco levels. Eco shows how green your town is. Your mills and fields won't expand if it too low. To boost your eco points, just install green structures. Tap shop in the bottom right. The shop has a large inventory. Tap the clover tab to see eco friendly structures. Certain buildings require eco points, so make sure you to always stay green.

    This time, let's visit my house. It's the center of the town and it's also where you live. Tap on my house. In order to increase your production, you must improve my house. Tap the button below and upgrade. You can see the villagers from my house. Tp see them, tap on the villager tab. From here, you can manage your #every-farm villagersand change their outfits.
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