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    resistance - 12AscCnM6
    attack - 9ZinurCk8
    resistance - VpD6F1WHt
    speed - 06hkvbJMD
    critical damage - tSBm8WezM
    precise - p4oRUZ1Bb

    The magic land has been occupied by monsters, this adventure seems challenging. Send your warriors to battle and teach them a lesson. Ready to go! Your warriors can't wait to battle. Please select a skill and click on the target. The color of the arrow indicates the damage bonus. Green is the best. We get a new partner. The loots gained from battle can be used to level up heroes. After the upgrade, all attributes of the hero will be enhanced. It feels stronger, go to the next stronghold nad try it out. Remember to dispatch your best heroes.

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    Check the newly acquired equipment, it looks very useful. Equip your hero. Complete the following tasks to receive rewards: occupy 3 strongholds. Upgrade 1 hero to level. Get 5 heroes. Wear 6 equipment to 1 hero.
    Star up - xbVuUcWeH
    Promote - WCE0Nt4wO
    Newbie pack - 7nUTCXsVD
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    Legendary equipment - I8sqljVC1
    artifact - uC3QdosgD

    Hero summon - during the event, you can get extra rewards by summoning in hero pub. Rewards are sent by email.
    Collection - collect heroes during the event to get extra rewards, and the rewards will be sent by mail.
    Login bonus - log in daily during the campaign period to check in to claim your rewards.
  • how and where enter
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