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    Gift redeem pass #allstar-renovation

    gold - 6vFPVpYqi
    player EXP - yAP9sm0QF
    story pass - sxJu4UvCH
    tickets - kyOaYqc8W
    10 draws - mX1ukJneg
    friendship points - 8HZuEsUEN
    5000 gems - wWyKApq14
    awaken - OpWhBL1td
    level up - yC6e2zzGh
    ascend - ZDbHrquFB
    daily activity - pWHJV0SzO
    NP shard - y9BDlARHD

    Finally you've come, this world is at the edge of collapsing, we need you to find the truth. Let's see what you can do first. NP - useful skills, boost your PWR. Lab - awakening retirement. You may claim pass rewards after a certain levels. You have the ability to summon heroes, among different worlds, use this ability to conquer. Deploy your new hero. Hero can be stronger via level up. The stronger you are, the faster you could defeat your foes.

    Increase stats:
    HP - ZDbHrquFB
    ATK - ZvtORKR8o
    DEF - pWHJV0SzO
    SPD - y9BDlARHD

    Now you can finally activate those NP! NP have special skills, also you they province team bonus during battles.

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    Quick battle gets 120 min battle rewards. Free chances per day, may purchase more. Activate privilege to get more chance. You also can combine better equipment and improve your hero's stats. Ascension improves stats dramatically.

    legendary weapon - FKWFdV1sz
    clothes - 7IjOzOfvx
    hat - pFTPaVIS8
    shoes - 6H2MvCr9w

    Zangetsu: attack 2 random targets and deal 1680 tue DMG, 30% chance to reduce targets' ATK by 10%, last 2 turn.

    Quick battle - 2 more free quick battles per day.
    Faction draw - draw privilege, claim 2 adv. tickets per day.
    Luxury expedition - 3rd gem and refresh order per day guarantees a golden task.

    PykTKc6jd - activate VIP 10 avatar frame.
    pVVo1ScFk - may skip in reverse battle.
    gcNGWRUrC - idle character EXP 200%
    jsWNUoBz8 - idle hero EXP +200%
    fVRxsusbu - idle Gold +200%
    cDODoronA - offline reward cap +32h
    eHScdiaKO - crystal pack
    nZOYzYSZy - lord pack

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