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    My master, where are you? The busy road always scares me. The dark alley doesn't seem so safe. There seems to be a cat barking. Whose cat is this? What a poor little fellow! Let's merge the two ice buckets. Open the refrigerator and look for for food. CLick again to see what else you have. Now merge biscuit. Well done! Click to complete the task. Merge to reach the next level. Click on an item so view related information here. Go to the bathroom on the carpet.

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    Gather the poor cats under your wing. Connect items on the board to get food and various rewards. Sometimes you can get a valuable chest with gold and crystals. For these resources, you can equip a house for cats, where they can spend their free time. You also get rewards for meeting the needs of pets. You have to play, monitor life characteristics, clean up after pets. These are real pets in your phone.

    Unlock new locations, houses and rooms, complete tasks and get rewarded with gold and additional bonuses in the form of experience crystals and energy. With the help of alphabetic passwords of our site, you can use infinite energy, discover hidden features of the application, participate in new competitions available only to limited people. Make repairs to rooms, equip them at will and get boosters for it.

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