Gold and Robot Idle Merge code
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    Elixir - NAef861Xc
    Gold - AsAwEaHk1
    Iron chest - WUZIGgil4
    automate and increase the profit of the forge mineshaft - B318G8tB3
    permanent boost - ZnMXNc1TP
    amethyst - 18Ym714Qr
    auto clicker - 2tnS4ikRt
    auto merge - BTQ0sonQF
    off ads - 5NRcOkV7B

    Spend gold to create robot miners. Tap on the barrel to open it. Drag robots to rocky to mine them. Tap to claim loot the drops from rocks. Hire a second robot miner. Merge robots of the same level to make them stronger. Merged robot will miner faster, also cooler. Upgrade the forge to earn more gold. Great work! New let's move to the next planet. Bring your cards to the next planet and find better loot: golden chest, unlock new card, better reward.

    Repair and activate mineshafts to earn even more gold. Cards apply permanent boost to the forge, mineshafts and robots. Upgrade this card to permanently boost the forge's profit. Automate this mineshaft to earn gold event whild idle. Not enough resources? Pass the missing resource and proceed the upgrade.

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