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    Welcome the lord to come back to the Nine Domains. Dear Lord, in order to assist the development of your sanctuary, i would like to express my most sincere respect on behalf of the business alliance and prepare a generous gift, please pay attention to check it.

    My Lord, we are already repairing the Stargate destroyed by the barbarians. We will soon be able to open the passage to the nine states again. After the initial construction of the territory, the people have settled down. It is now the time to develop the territory. Use the energy provided by energy spell. We can synthesize low-level items and speed up territory development.

    Today our development is able to support the application of more technological knowledge, and we can continue our development in technology to enhance the prosperity of the territory.
    Fire - when the first flame ignites, the lost civilization will come to this world again.
    Hunting - not only provides ample meal for people to eat, but also exercises a sense of cooperation.
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    Mobei - the vast grassland allows people here to exchange materials with various livestock and live by the water and grass. Later, part of the residents gradually made a living by it. They traveled to other regions to see goods from all over over the world to earn profits. The chamber pf commerce union originates.

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    Knife - The fertile but small, arable land has forced people to cultivate it intensively to provide enough food.
    Logging - in response to the shortage of logs brought about by the development of logging technology, attempts.
    Spark - how to make fire and preserve it has always been a challenge.

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    Next we just need to train soldiers and station troops to keep the Stargate safe from the barbarians. We must organize our troops to destroy this barbarian force and protect the camp. We must send out scouts to find the exact whereabouts of the nearby barbarians and clear them out as soon as possible.
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