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    A small blacksmith can upgrade his weapon to the "S" rank - 763R2IF4w
    Increases the number of healing fountains - VOkQn79Bo
    improve the Legendary Forge to 100% chance of dropping items "S" - iJkBngukr
    Legendary items boost 3 character parameters at once - QhS5j9y8a
    5 stem cells from a Giant - bAjVaCNw5
    Rose - yYbIW9GiH
    Moon Key - JFA6SMYZ8
    Weapon - V02y6NqKj
    Skills - 6hYLhMSPs
    Mutation Runes - 9znCPpIoh
    Amulets - DkblKLd6T
    Costumes - R1Ph0XisX

    What is the Disease? A kind of poison. Each taking damage from an enemy and each food eaten fills a new division in the strip that will appear near the health scale for a total of ten divisions. As soon as the scale is fully filled, the character will start taking a lot of damage.

    How to break through the floor marked in red? We need to find the "Ram Rune". She will fall from the elite "Chopper" in the Crematorium.

    How to create a green vine? Kill an elite archer on the Path of the Doomed and pick up the "Vine Rune".

    How do I open the test door? You need to find the "Challenger Rune" that falls out of the Gatekeeper's boss. The gatekeeper is on the Black Bridge.

    How to climb walls? For this, the "Spider Rune" is useful. She drops out of the Ball Caster — an elite monster at the Dormant Temple location.
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    What are the purple idols? With their help, you can teleport to different parts of the map. To activate them, you need a "Teleportation Rune". It falls to the elite Slashers at the Toxic Gutters location.

    How to get Roses? The rose is the gardener's key. After collecting three keys, you can find a drawing of an Explosive crossbow. The first key requires a Ramming Rune, the second requires a Spider Rune, and the third is hidden in the form of a small rose on the location and falls out after three dives directly into this rose. The same three keys can be used to find the Moon Flower Key.

    How to find the Dead Cells Moon Key?
    There are also three lunar keys. To find each one, you need three gardener's keys and three source cells. The Moon Keys are found on Prison Roofs, in a Cemetery and in a Forgotten Tomb, in that order. Behind a special door, you need to use the gardener's key. At the Castle location, you will have to find a secret place. There, behind three doors, is the "Acceptance" mutation.

    What is a #dead-cells Curse and how to remove it? The curse is hung on the player for several reasons: To take the Cursed Sword; To open the Cursed chest; To break the golden door. Removing the curse is very simple. You need to kill ten enemies. If you get at least one hit at the same time, the character will die. The "Acceptance" mutation reduces the number of required kills to five.

    I found a temporary solution to the problem with double jumps, double crossbow shooting, and double melee strikes. This bug is at 60+ fps, turned on 30fps for the sake of interest, and the problem disappeared.
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