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    increase stats:
    agility - t4EOpHun8
    vigor - KjpHTsJK0
    vitality - 124evXo3F
    Cheerfulness - 6wo26xMBa
    Intelligence - j9qCcolUj
    Dexterity - EMFHbS7mG
    Perseverance - BSmAruGqH
    The power - ybDMzVJyF

    local saves are in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/


    I downloaded the "local" version 0.2.1, passed the game and 4 bosses and decided to support the developers (they really deserved it) and bought the game. In the Market 0.4.0 (1004) version. Before deleting, I saved a folder with my saves, but nothing worked out for me. There was only a "New Game" and that was it.

    After a couple of hours of manipulation, I still forced the License to see the saves.


    When entering the game, I chose a guest and immediately exited, the game created a "Save" folder and several files were created in it and one with a new ID (in my case, "846 ..."). In my own system folder, my saves are under the ID "777...".

    Then, I threw all my files into the "Save" folder of the game and renamed them with the new ID that the game assigned to me (846...) WITHOUT REPLACING THE ORIGINAL FILES!
    That is, I changed my old ID "777..." in all files to the new "846...", files created by the game without ID (digits) I didn't touch it and everything went.

    PS In order not to download the game again, save the folders "" and "files".
    Throw the first folder into "Android / obb", after installing the game itself without logging into it, throw the "files" folder into "Android/data/", after that neither the game itself nor the add-on will swing.
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    why do we need toads? A unique currency falls from them, which can be spent on buying things in the carriage.

    Terrence and Norwood : The Power / Cheerfulness / Vitality / Perseverance
    Viola : Agility / Vigor / Vitality
    Benita : Cheerfulness / Intelligence / Dexterity

    Different characters have different strengths. Terrence and Norwood have the power. Viola's dexterity. Benita has intelligence.

    How to get the #pascals-wager "scales of the sea monster":
    In a fight with the main boss of the Ichthyosaur, you need to hit him on the tail with powerful attacks (I had ten hits before a piece of his tail fell off), while the scales do not fall, in no case do not let him into crazy mode, otherwise you will not get them apparently. If you managed to knock out the scales, and you need cond.honey from the boss, then drink the "illusion potion", it will help you lose your mind and drive the boss into a crazy mode.

    What to do with the Pascal's Wager: knight's head?
    After the knight pulls the spear out of himself, we rest and he moves to the bridge, near the church. We give him the head and he says that he will wait for us at the place of his beloved's death. Once again we rest. We go to the place of battle with the boss and prepare for battle.

    What to do with the nun's will? When you collect the fragments of the sword in the "holy land", first you insert them into the statue, then you go to the priest and talk to him, then you return for the sword, pull it out of the statue and go to knock down the nun with a basilisk, after that her bloody testament appears. Together with him, you return to Edith, and there is a house next to the house of the old man who asked for a candle. You conduct a dialogue with a man through the door and give the will. He will give an elixir in return. It is important to go to the priest first so that he approves the sword.

    Rare mold, falls from the sunheads. Rarer than imundus crystals. Stock up on the potion of wealth, find a place where there is an altar nearby, and there are many of them (for example, where a man asks for fruit in a karst cave). I can say approximately that it falls from them, five times less often than imunduses.

    Hacks Pascal's Wager cheats codes:
    Elixir of health - nYHC3JmSk
    elixir of Sanity - TuU6Le83o
    powder of defense - 5czZxe0KE
    recovery - F7PLwXACQ
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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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