Pascal's Wager The holy sword - tips & hints
Pascal's Wager The holy sword
  • Secret Pascal's Wager The holy sword

    A dead woman gives a quest for which we need to kill her with a Holy Sword.
    Later, the Priest gives another quest to find the four parts of the same Holy Sword.

    (IN NO CASE do not use [Get a sword] from a Statue with a sword before collecting all four parts of the Holy Sword, because you can screw up the quest!!!)

    The keys to the towers are kept by the guards in a large round hall, where there are closed booths, when they are opened, mobs come out of them from which the keys fall (there is also a mob lying there and asks us not to open the doors and then not to kill their "brothers" (?).

    The difficulty of the quest is that not everyone can find the last Tower, as three are found as they progress.

    To find the "Fourth" tower, you need to go down from the woman where the Croaker is sitting (the edge with white bricks), as we exit the catacombs (the wall ends), turn right, there will be a descent down, a bridge in the water and the tower to which it leads, respectively.

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    As we find all FOUR parts, we go to the Statue with a sword, the option will appear [Insert fragments], select it and get the "Basilisk", you can also take the second sword, it's a little worse and plus there will be four archers AKA Keepers.
    (By the way, upon the correct completion of the quest, the Holy Sword becomes a "Bloody Basilisk", that is, useless (it may be needed in crafting, I did not delve into it)).

    Then we go to the Priest and "give" him our Holy Sword, after a short dialogue, he, as it were, consecrates it.

    We return to the woman who needs to be killed and choose the "Consecrated Basilisk" when killing (if both swords were taken away).

    If everything is done correctly, then "Some kind of will" will fall out from it, with which we return to Edith and give it to an old man in the town (he gave a quest for candles, like) and get a recipe for an elixir.
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