Brawl Stars teaming
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    Teaming is an association of two or more players in the SD. In fact, it's not such a simple topic, especially on high cups.
    In order to offer to have sex, you need to spin around. Does this mean that you are now friends forever? No.
    The fact that you and your opponent have been twirling does not always mean that you have become friends. Sometimes it's just a replacement for the words "It's not profitable for us to shoot with you, let's break up."

    1. There is no need to fight with just anyone, choose a good opponent for yourself. For example, it is very profitable for the Franks to get along, as well as Barley, Dynamites, Spikes with each other. It is better not to mess with Bulls, Shelly, Mortis, Leon, if possible, because they can very easily close, especially on low cups. Everyone will agree with Poko, because he is a support.

    2. Do not rat the team (exc. if there are two of you left or you are trapped and you realize that you cannot get out). You have teamed up, this is a big advantage, so don't lose it for the sake of +1 place. It is better to get 2nd place in the team than 6th, but close. Very often you can find a player ratting and almost immediately after that merges.

    3. Help him, if someone is pinching him, stand up for him. It's a good tone to share boosts (but not everyone likes to give an advantage to rivals). On large cups, this is necessary, because those who have too few or too many boosts will merge first in the team. There you can often see a player running after boosters and former allies shooting him.

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    4. If the team is not adequate, get rid of it. It's better to stay without a team than with someone who can close at any moment.
    5. Let's charge the ulta. We spin – we hit – we spin so that the teammate has time to heal the hp. Especially important to Frank, El Primo. If you are afraid that you may be painted during the stuffing of the ulta, attack together with your teammate. On large cups, you can often see how El Primo, with an already full ult, lets you stuff it on yourself, but at the same time attacks.
    6. Keep your distance. Friendship is friendship, but you never know what a team member has in mind. This is especially important for bravlers with a small number of HP. If a teammate is a neighbor and abruptly runs towards you, run away, you can even start shooting at him to make it clear. Usually when you run away, they don't try to get close anymore.
    7. About trust.If the team has little hp, you can approach it, but not rat. So you let him know that if you wanted to close, you did it.
    8. Survival among allies. On high cups, there is often one tima that has taken out others, usually a large 3-6 bravlers. So, always be close to the team, not side by side, but at a close distance. Otherwise, you will easily provoke the teammates to think: "If we are here and he is in another place, then he is not with us."
    9 Do at least something (for high cups). When they meet with you, they expect you to act. Therefore, shoot into the bushes as if you are checking them, chase after opponents. You may not even hit them, the main thing is to shoot at them and do something, but do it.
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