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    The alien can fly with a jetpack, uses telekinesis to control objects and a shield that absorbs incoming damage. At the start, the alien will be given an electric "Discharge-o-meth" and a "Uber-Orderer" that causes objects to randomly jump and collapse. In the future, players will be able to get eight more types of unusual weapons.
    Psionic abilities allow crypto to read the thoughts of citizens and make them weak-willed minions. In addition, Crypto-138 is able to climb into human bodies for a short time and use them. For example, having moved into a policeman, you can call the central station and cancel the alarm.

    Players will often have to disguise themselves in order to blend in with the crowd, enter forbidden zones, and communicate with quest characters. So that the people, noticing the alien, do not raise the alarm, Crypto-138 can arrange a disco, forcing everyone around to dance like a "Mask" of those policemen with the help of the new module "Free Love".

    Hidden on the levels are art, audio files and documents, which, upon detection, fall into the large encyclopedia "Furonigami", and information about the detected objects, places of interest, opponents and technologies is entered in the Furon directory, accompanied by personal notes of the alien.

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    In the "Cloning Chamber" section there are up to fifty skins for Crypto-138, which can be changed at any time. Among them are eleven standard images in different color variations, sixteen images from Destroy All Humans! 2020 and the same number of new skins that will open as the story progresses.
    The Crypto-138 will still have a dish equipped with a disguise, a death ray and a "Squishmaster" with two modes of operation: one tightens everything the device flies over, the other "vacuums" objects in a cone in front of the aircraft. The plate also has skins.

    A convenient photo mode is implemented here with the ability to hide the alien, change the field of view and apply filters. The camera is flexible, easy to control and can decently move away from Crypto-138.
    For multiplayer, there is a cooperative mode with a split screen, a duel and telekinetic tennis. In addition, all pre-ordered players will receive free access to Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage is a separate multiplayer mod for two to four players, based on the challenges from game 2020.

    In the "Pox Shop", players will Hack Destroy All Humans! 2 cheat code upgrades for weapons, equipment and alien plates, paying with furotechnical batteries, which are credited for completing main and side tasks during missions. Each device has from three to six improvements. Points can be reset and redistributed.
    The "Gene Mixer" allows you to improve the telepathic abilities of Crypto-138 for the DNA of people collected using a calibrated "Squishmaster" or the usual "manual" way. Improvements will be activated automatically as the skill is filled with brains of different types of people.

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