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    candy - nF0HMVzVY
    Elastic cables - 49N2HwVrt. With greater launch power comes greater responsibility.
    Rocket slam - NCListxa4.Increases the amount of time you can body slam.
    Bounciness - rvAve32VD. Everything you touch makes you bounce higher.
    Speedometer - vNlLsiqrc. Pushes your speed limit to the next level.
    Slippery lotion - bnc9amyGG. Lose less speed when hitting the ground.
    Flavour master - bekzEG9JP. Retain more speed when landing on gummy bears.
    Pickpocket - SuSxWrXII. Get more money out of Gummy bears.
    Puncheus pilot - FfsG7tyiw. Punch your way up by stealing their machine and knocking everything below you!
    Teddy Flare - Io4PEjw0p. these poor fellas are stuck on a giant firework. Help them out for some extra height.
    Robbear - 5kZY8eCXr. crush these thieves and the bank will let you keep the cash! Right?
    Jelly Roger - zlxGxns05. these unfortunately pirates carry a bomb that will blast you up and forward.

    Tap to use your rocket slam.

    - break through the giant cake wall;
    - ride a puncheus pilot after unlocking it in the shop;
    - use your rocket slam to smash 5 jelly roger.

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    Epic Moneyachi - SNTIcOkkS. Permanently quadruples all the money you make during all of your launches.
    Ad-away - 2au6oGUug. baby don't show me, don't show me no more ads.
    Power pinatas - oqFJ9EC1Y. increased the number of goodies contained inside every pinatas to 7!
    Candy cloner - E09RX1YQg. Permanently doubles the tome candies you get, even those you've already used.
    Chili bomb - o1hf153YM. will give you an extra boost when you need it the most.
    Rocket fuel - IoaTvfu0h. Start with additional rocket slams.
    Lt. Jel E. Boom - LemWdJ77p. Launch yourself from one barrel to another and gain serious speed!

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