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    Dear players, game is scheduled for server maintenance on may 27, 2022. What's new:
    - increases to maximum 5000 stages;
    - 5 new monsters;
    - 5 new purple soldiers;
    - The Kaka's training now has added 5 new monsters;
    - the arena shop for higher stages now has added new ancient beasts.
    - all stores has added new channels to buy new soldiers for the Beach and the mountain waterfall.
    We sincerely hope you enjoy our game and have fun!

    Remember! Continuously improving the level of the soldiers is the most important things.
    - the higher the morale level, the higher the damage to all monsters.
    - level up soldiers when using stones will gain morale.
    - upgrade soldiers will gain more morale.

    Raising animals is important, and they will mature after a while. With enough shells, you can make a wish to get a new soldier.

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    Unlock legendary soldiers:
    twin-head dragon - j1FZPPb2x
    ghost tiger - RgaB2tuKy
    four winged dragon - a96oEE8jy
    Lightning Kirin - QWIOuzYDp
    Tapejara - 7G5zn73R1
    Gorilla - Bo1r5isR6
    Mantis - wMismfbUf
    Mammoth - BYUQBxSZ2
    Big Feet - IUUEYvrg8
    Rage Rhino - jp4gTwPUT
    Spider - j2WhLeQqp
    Wasp - xci84Djo6
    Koala - g1AgevzxW
    Toxic bat - 9mEXxaw3i
    Phoenix - u1EDGbIXa
    Stegosaurus - Ut62FX8ah
    Seahorse - Hsm2Q9cW6
    Boreopterus - 0PfUsVpRd
    Viper - EAZ5ulOnO

    Clever use of soldier types will give you a great advantage in battle.

    Avatar - yOG54E4xK
    Frame - lNK4fVdvl
    Gem shard - RgQXz6BMo
    Shell - 8Sy6XLFTo
    Eggs - ClkbdeeDC
    Fragments - KnjrfqhFY
    Material - 8Bk5zsWYO
    Food - gEwLbOrzA

    Each time the animal matures. the soldier's power will be improve. Some animals can also unlock special soldiers.

    Hunting goal:
    the progress of the stage is a competition for all players on the server. Progress rewards can be claimed on the 5th, 10th and 15th day after the event starts, according to the player's progress at that time.
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