Abandoned city survival code
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    Look for resources in the rubbish. Craft and build:
    Building materials storage - allows storing building materials. Upgrade to increase the capacity.
    Bedrooms - invites new people. Upgrade to invite more people. Workbench - allows crafting tools and buildings. Upgrade to craft better items. Shovel - allows to find resources in rubbish. Upgrade to work with bigger heaps.
    Microchips storage - allows storing microchips. Backpack - allows to carry more resources. Crowbar - allows to open cars. Upgrade to unlock difficult locks. Medical center - allows upgrading humans. Upgrade to increase the higher possible level of humans upgrades. Generator - just an useful tool. Upgrade to craft complex items. Garage - allows to send an expedition for new resources. Upgrade to send more people.

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    Market - allows to exchange resources for food and fuel. Upgrade to increase the capacity and recovery speed. Picklock - allows to open houses. Upgrade to unlock difficult locks.

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    200 airdrops. Feel free to pass airdrops whenever you need resources and don't want to wait.
    speed up - Ou0R9ytVk
    You can invite more humans. They will help you to survive:
    Zombie Nun - wnYo4Y34s
    Zombie Nurse - AJwlPtoVM
    Zombie - kSo9aqPZZ
    Historical officer - gPM4DXWDC
    historical soldier - JI4fHrsAa
    german officer - mquGAQg4m
    desert soldier - lqiRXiGbU
    urban soldier - TzSdf17z5
    Police - IoXIW5H7m
    Worker - KQg0QOkSC
    Nurse - P6mybB4Ee
    Nun - PvEOIRMOk
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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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