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    1000 years ago, evil soul appeared at the world. The soul tried to dominate all the world by using dark magic. SO the mighty primal druids tried to protect the world against the evil soul. After a fierce battle, the evil soul were sealed in a deep dungeon under the volcano. But when the mighty power of druids has been forgotten tough the long peaceful age. The volcanic eruption caused cracks in the dungeon. The dark magic leaked out of dungeon slowly. Every beats lost their mind by the dark magic, and the world fell into chaos. and finally, i have found the missing power of druid. I will save the world against the evil soul again.

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    You can buy or sell animals. In this place, you can buy animals. Let's buy 3 mice. Tap on the house. You can purchase or upgrade various equipment. In this pace, you can equip druid items. You can get a mask through gacha. se the diamond and get a mask. You can increase your max unit limit from the animal shop. You can get material items if you kill an animal without taming it.You can get or level up animals. You can summon and level up the hero animal based on the number of animals. Touch and participate the hero animal in a battle. This is the stat window of the hero. You can increase stats using letters pass:
    ATK - ndJ9BlrAd
    HP - UIKVEUa5f
    Hero will resurrect after certain cool time after it dies. Now, make your own army with various animals.

    Attack speed and speed is increase for 24h - 5yS1d17M9
    Unlock animals/mounts:
    monkey Duo - 2qAyZc5tL
    Rock Snail - KdIw8QsfX
    Cave Bat - r6XASPc57
    Bomb Bug - MGaQILSYv
    Meercat - ouBDVQCGO
    Betta - WDLekaHfe
    Goat - ddPoOD0M8
    Blue dragon - KM0mnQapV
    Golem - Vup8UTv6r
    Phoenix - i4I4Rd8Ek
    Black tortoise - dW7Nh7YCw
    White tiger - xpLaSTtKM
    Gold dragon - zJ18R2ydZ
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