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    Unlock skeletal Bony - 67q9swVzn. Bony as a hatching was a master in hide and seek. After a milenia of not being found and bored out of his mind, he finally crawled out of his hiding spot.
    Pass Sigurda & Fafni - kmNrNehD8. Not wanting to become a dragon sacrifice, this brave lady took matters in her own hands.
    Cockatrice - rOmzo4hcD. Joe thought it would be a great idea to crossbreed a dragon and a chicken in order to create the best egg laying hen. Yea, it didn't go as planed.
    Red Scorch - kYQwCoBFu. Scorch just likes his food extra crispy. The knightly brand of canned food is especially his favorite.
    Hydro, the hydrant hydra - trOGOiMWO. I bet you have heard of alligators in the sewers. But have you ever heard pf hydrant hydra? Well meet Hydro!
    Inflatable Gus - f6WWVFqFn. thanks to his love for mexican beans he is able to float even with his tiny wings. It also makes him extremely volatile so a safe distance is recommended.
    Changed mechanicus What the hen cheat code - iKTNZtZf1. Mechanicus is obsessed with collecting screws and bolts. Even with a mechanical body he is still a dragon at heart.
    Lightheaded swampy - dv5Ev4Tak. Also called Fores! Swamp by his friends, Swampy is considered the least frightening of his brethren, but his unattached mind keeps him happy even when spraying his enemies with acid.
    Helion the sinful - nzN3osuAn. Some say that he was woken up by dark ritual, in reality he is just searching for food after binge-watching five TV shows in a row.
    Chilly Glacier - XHddwWcLH. Behind those chilly scales lies a fiery festive spirit, that is always very eager to help. Sadly his big clumsy claws make more mess than be of any true help.

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    Captain Badbeard - UauQJXLkG. the most feared pirate captain of the seven ponds. Has a thing for evil eyebrows and monkeys.
    Bruce - Kx5EgkkUS. Not every bright,but who needs brains, when you got lots of pointed teeth. Especially in multiple rows!
    Lady Magicken - Oy51tOm2v. Can whip up a spell in no time! High in the pecking order in chicken-magic school, she's not afraid to break some eggs. You'll be the omelette.\
    Blue Betty - tcZBXV2mQ. Betty's a priestess and she's following her calling; blasting her enemies with her boozy message.
    Frankenbutt 1.0 - Kgg2yfWxq. he hit the big time as a stunt double for a robot in a popular animated movie. Since then he's had a break down and really struggled to put himself back together.
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