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    Your goal is to reach and defeat the Aether guardian all the way at the top of the map. Try scrolling up and down to see the available paths. You can also click and drag the map. Remember to rest if you health is getting low. To get started, pick a node directly above the portal at the bottom of the map. Welcome to your first combat! We will now take you though the basic of the combat system. Hero bar - this is where you will see your current character health, shields and status effect. When you receive status effects, you can click your character to read more.

    Mana - you need it to use most of your cards. There is no need to spend all your mana in one turn. Your mana excess mana remains between rounds. Your hand- you can play these cards. You draw cards from your deck on the left. Played cards go to your discard pile on the right. When your deck is empty, your discard pile will be shuffled back into your deck. Drag a card to the battlefield to play it. Click and hold a card in your hand and a detailed popup about it will appear.

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    Gold - tGFsButZR. Upgrade your adventuring guild and unlock new features. Aether - use Aether to open packs and unlock new cards. Portal device - brings you in and out of the breach safely. Gathers energy to warp in items. You can only heal up to your recovery stat. Whenever you are missing more health than your recovery stat, your maximum health will be reduced. For example, Raodan starts with 100 maximum health and 15 recovery. If your health drops to 80, your maximum health will be reduced to 95. Your health is precious! make sure to use shield cards to protect it. Resting ignores this rule, allowing you to recover your lost maximum health.

    Main interface - here you can find various buildings to make your otherworldly travels a more pleasant experience. The forge allows you to purchase permanent upgrades for your heroes. The market allows you to purchase items before a run, to give you a better chance of success. The quest board provides you will a constant stream of quests to complete for Aether. Aether let you open card packs. Open deck - you can tap here to view the cards you have unlocked so far, as well as monster cards that you have encountered. Finally, you can unlock new cards by opening packs with Aether.
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