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    Today marks the first step of many. As the founder of this cult, it's your dury to lead your faithful flock on their mission to return the Ancient gods to power and in doing so, restore the world to its natural state of chaos. Each event card has up to three options. Some options provide resources. Rewards and effects are shown at the bottom of the option box. These are your resource cards: relic, cultist, prisoner, money, suspicion, food. Other options require resources - drag these resources from your hand. Unforeseen obstacles await and mistakes are inevitable, but as long as you hold true to your purpose, you will succeed. THis is your story. This is your initiation. Adding cards to the deck - some options add cards to your event deck.

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    God event - Chains: some chains culminate with a god. This card can start a chain of events leading to the ultimate prize: summoning a god. The special border helps you identify the card, while the gems help you track progress.

    Relic usage: relics are often used to summon gods, but can also act as wild cards. A relic can be used to replace one of the food resource.
    Prisoners and cultists - sometimes prisoners and cultists can be used interchangeabley. Relics are valuable, suspicion is dangerous. Summon a god to win the round and to obtain their blessing - in the form of good events - for the future.
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