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    Let's get the basic under your belt and learn about power and energy. Blue - power, red - energy. Cards cost energy to play. Each turn you have energy to spend. Tap to zoom on a card. Many cards have special abilities. Play up to 3 cards each turn! Save energy for powerful plays. Your Sirens card stole power from your opponent's cards. SKip this turn to save enough energy to play these two as a combo. Make your cards' abilities work for you. These cards are quite strong, but we can do better. Heterodontosaurus gave your sharks! Cards +12 power.

    Match cards to arenas for bonus power. Playing certain cards early can be a real advantage! Nuclear power - this card only has 10 power but will give you 1 extra energy every turn. You're still behind but don't worry. Playing Jackson's Chameleon when losing will triple its power. All your history cards get a bonus in this round for matching the arena. Take advantage of the arena bonus by playing Spartan Helmet and Mummies. The next round is the life on land arena. Let's save the and & Gecko for now. Let's skip this turn and conserve energy to go big in the next round.

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    Last round1 Good ting you saved all that energy and those life on land cards. Play as many cards as you have energy for. Polar bear has an ability that only activates when you're winning. Complete your deck! You've won 10 cards so far. Pick a theme below for 8 specially selected cards to complete your first deck. Next stop complete your objectives and get a load of free gems, coins and cards.

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