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    Hi! I am Elisabeth, the queen ant. You will help me grow this anthill into a thriving colony. Let's get started right away and i'll explain the most important things to you. First, we're going to make sure i always have enough to eat. Collect some berries and automate food collection. If you upgrade my chamber, i can produce more ants. You can then send those ants to collect more food. To trench our first chamber we need wood you can find it on the mao. Them build a university to start producing knowledge. Now you know the basics about our ant colony. There are other colonies on the continent ,ap that you can unlock. Have fun playing game.

    Our ants need a place to sleep. Research quarters, build one and upgrade it.
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    quarters - increase the ant capacity.
    Workshop - ant the workshop ants craft advanced building materials.
    University - there aspring ants gain knowledge.
    Pantry - there the ants cook various delicios food to the queen's delight.
    Incubator - there is the sanctum of the future ant queen. Feed the fastidious ant body. Once she is full grown, there will be comething marvelous waiting for her.

    Boosters - multiply your progress by 5 and ore used in the region you are currently in when you activate the booster.
    Permanent multiplier information - these multiplier are permanent and strengthen the production of your ants, science and resources. Upgrades can only be purchased during promotional events. Spend knowledge to improve different areas of your ant empire.

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