Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet Premiere Date
Pokemon Scarlet Violet Premiere
  • Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet Premiere Date Revealed

    The developers of Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet have finally announced the release date of the game. She was named in a new trailer that was recently published on the official YouTube channel of the Pokemon brand.

    A new chapter of the super-popular line of Pokemon games from Game Freak developers will appear on the Nintendo Switch on November 18. Apparently, in the upcoming novelty, a cooperative for four players will be implemented. It will also be the first title in the series, where a full-fledged open world will appear.

    Recall that the last significant game in the series was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018 — it was Pokemon Sword and Shield, praised by critics. However, not everyone shared their enthusiasm — the title got from ordinary players: its score on Metacritic is 4.6 points based on over 5,600 reviews.
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