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  • Songfall - musical Luther shooter.

    In appearance, this is a standard modern shooter about collecting colorful equipment, only with a top view and as colorful as possible. There are several heroes to choose from with their own abilities and fighting style. Completing missions, they earn experience for leveling and money to buy new equipment (although it can be found on levels). And in between tasks, you can buy and try on new clothes, choosing from five hundred items that differ, as usual, in characteristics and effects.

    But in fact it is also a rhythm game, somewhat reminiscent of Crypt of the Necrodancer. All actions, even jerks and jumps through teleports, not to mention attacks, are based on accurately hitting the rhythm of the music playing. If not hit, the weapon does less damage or overheats, and jerks become shorter. At the same time, there are a lot of enemies, as well as traps, during the battle we are locked in closed arenas, and opponents love to attack in waves, use their skills, get closer and pinch — it's not easy to survive, but you can develop a musical ear.

    Also in the plus of Songfall are bright, diverse levels with branches, a cooperative for four and the ability to download your own melodies from your PC in free mode. Try to fight under Metallica or "The King and the Fool" in such a colorful, almost splinter game — get a lot of thrills!
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