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  • Age of Grit - a mixture of steampunk, western and role-playing game about how the captain of a flying ship avenges his child.

    An atmospheric mixture of steampunk and the Wild West, where every second is a cowboy, sheriff, criminal or bounty hunter — it is in this world that the action of the Age of Grit role—playing adventure takes place. We play as Captain Rockwell, who together with his team moves on a flying ship between cities, forts and islands, fights, participates in random events, communicates, performs quests and periodically upgrades his ship.

    In the first place here is the plot, dialogues and elaborated characters. And everything is fine with this — no wonder the authors say that they were inspired by classic CRPGs. The story in Age of Grit turned out to be not only interesting, but also dramatic — Captain Rockwell participated in a war between two global factions, in which he lost his little daughter. And almost at the very beginning, he meets the person responsible for this — naturally, Rockwell with bloodshot eyes is eager to fight, but he is hardly dissuaded, because the ship at that time was flying on its word of honor and on one wing. Therefore, our main task will be to prepare, find and destroy.

    The characters turned out to be bright, with character, and the dialogues were long and well—written. The only thing is that the texts are displayed very slowly.

    However, battles are also an important part of the game. In them, you need to correctly distribute a special resource between the ship's systems, which gives bonuses to accuracy, evasion, allows you to attack with missiles — and at the same time make sure that the engine does not overheat. And after the battle, we collect trophies, almost the main one of which is scrap metal, which allows us to repair the ship. You can lose pretty quickly, so you have to spend time trying to figure out not the simplest combat system.
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