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    There's an island over there. Are you sure you want to dock, Captain? This magical gem has led us here for a reason, and what you're looking for should be nearby. The fog is too thick, so it's best not to venture any further. We should set up a Stronghold here first. The gem is glowing! It senses something. Look over there! It's a damaged Sea Master statue, let's renovate it first and see. We can send the crew to find some resources in the ruins to renovate it. The crown on the statue has turned golden. Anything can happen here. The groove in the statue's crown has the same shape as the gem you have. Let's try it out. I'd mine the crystal from the mines as soon as possible. Its magic can activate the mystical treasures of the sea and lift the curse! It's covered in fog so we'll have to send someone to scout it out first.

    Our ants need a place to sleep. Research quarters, build one and upgrade it.
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    The stronghold is the heating heart of your city. Upgrade to increase your march capacity and unlock new building. The magic crystal factory produces magic crystals for your city. Upgrade to increase magic crystal production and storage. With these crystals, we should be abel to get the Sa master's crown to work, let's try it out. Use first top-up bonus: recruit the tier S hero Peggy immediately! Construction speed +10% (permanent). Shooting range- train your distance troops in the shooting range. Upgrade to unlock more powerful distance troops.

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