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    spice - 1lNAG7dJo
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    After the butler war, the Empire banned the development of machines related to human thinking. Humans evolved their various superpowers froma substance called spice. On a planet called the sand dunes, this scarce resource, spice. The spice is rumored to confer foresight and endless life. Thus, occupying the dunes would give dominance of the interstellar empire. The powerful Duke of Leto was put in charge of the spice business in the dunes, and it turned out to be an elaborate plot of the Emperor and the Harkenans. The betrayal of our men and the outour enemies caused us to be routed. You will face not only the cunning enemy, but also the dangerous desert. The holy war is coming. As supreme commander of the dunes, you must rally and lead your clan to reclaim their territory.

    Survival issues are now at the top of the list. We don't have much water left. It looks that the water in the cave won't last much longer. We'd better build a water plant. Water work - increases the maximum reserves and output of water. The Sandtrouts nearby always covet water. We have to prevent them from stealing water resources. In order to protect our water resources, we need to organize a force to repel the Sandtrout. maybe we can use our remaining resources to build a Garrison first.
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    After the emergency training just now, we have this troop unit ready. They are strong enough to defeat the Sandtrouts. Various items can be obtained by killing monsters. The Castle is our core base, and it is also our main strategic center in the future. With the loot we have just obtained, i guess we should build a Castle first. Using accelerators wisely can help us save time.

    The scout came to report that a larger wave of Sandworms is approaching the cave, and we are still too weak to handle them. Please follow the prompts to drag the skills to the hero. Some of our soldiers were injured in the battle and need to be sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. The Sandworms should stop for a while now. Our wall is not solid enough. Let's strengthen it first. It takes a while to upgrade the wall, and you can complete the upgrade for free by increasing the VIP level.

    VIP EXP - jX4ZzaAY1
    top up reward - Dz8ZXsiJF
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    basic crate - tHcEdX2Ne
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