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  • Tin Can - hardcore survival simulator in a rescue capsule from "Gravity".

    Tin Can is also about a ship, but already about a space one. Or rather, this is actually a survival simulator in a rescue space capsule from the movie "Gravity", only realistic and without a cheerful ghost performed by George Clooney (George Clooney). The transport ship on which the main character took off from Mars exploded, but he managed to leave it in a rescue capsule and is now drifting in space. At the same time, the systems also failed — and there are a lot of them here, they are all realistically modeled and interconnected. Therefore, you have to manually start everything, restart, repair and check, looking for the source of the problem. But at first even the buttons don't really work. Therefore, it is important to read the technical manuals.

    You need to act carefully — if, for example, you touch the electrical connector before replacing a blown fuse, then the character will simply be electrocuted. And you also have to monitor such important indicators as the level of oxygen, radiation, carbon dioxide and temperature. As the authors emphasize, these parameters are based on real life, and not on arbitrary percentages that are displayed on the screen. In general, the game is very specific, but also very atmospheric. To be honest, I didn't last long, but I managed to understand that Sandra Bullock would definitely not have coped on her own.
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